"The Kananaskis" - Rustic And Unique Cottage/Cabin Prefab - 200L

    Tired of looking for a cute little cottage/cabin that is low prim and will easily fit on a 512m plot? We have designed this cottage after the houses we have here in the Canadian Rockies. Kananaskis is a small, beautiful area not far from Banff so we thought the name would be perfect for this cabin.
    Our Kananaskis Prefab Cottage is only:
    -Scripted Doors
    -Sculpted Windows
    -Weathered wood on the exterior
    -Fresh colored paint on the inside
    -Stone finishing on exterior
    -Fireplace with working fire, spark screen and wood pile for those cold nights
    -Crown moldings on the inside
    -Copy/Modify so you can customize if you wish
    Why is this place so cheap you ask?
    Well, I've been in Second Life for 4+ years and am tired of seeing overpriced builds. I like simple, clean place that are not ridiculously gigantic and impossible to fill up with your furniture.
    I know you'll enjoy it
    (*includes just the building, not the trees or land)

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