"The Fredonia" Red Concrete Skybox/Store/House with Slate Floors - 39 Prims - 150L

    The Adobe Concrete Skybox/Store/Shop features:
    -39 prims
    -Scripted Doors
    -Sculpted Windows
    -Outdoor grass area for lounging
    -Copy/Mod so you can customize it how you wish
    -Built with megaprims where possible to lower the total prim count
    -This place was designed with the idea that you could use it for your home, a store or a mixed use little place to call your own

    Why is this place so cheap you ask?
    Well, I've been in SecondLife for 4+ years and am tired of seeing overpriced builds. I like simple, clean builds that are not rediculously gigantic and impossible to fill up with your furniture. This place is actually realistic in size

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