5 Piece Sculpted Wicker Furniture Set With Animations

    Here we have a traditional tropical theme wicker furniture set that can easily be used as an interior living room / dining room set or could be used just as easily for your exterior patio or beach furniture. All pieces come with full copy/mod/no transfer permissions so you can rez as many copies as you want or need! We always believe in giving our customers the most options possible with each purchase.
    All pieces made with high quailty sculpts, baked textures and shadows for added realism

    This 5 piece wicker furniture set includes:

    2 Wicker Chairs - Fully sculpted with baked textures and shadow prims for added realism. Each chair contains 7 animated sit poses that are adjustable by the owner through a menu system. Full control at your finger tips. Each chair is only 4 Prims

    1 Wicker Table w/Glass Top - Fully sculpted with baked textures and shadow prims for added realism. Only 4 Prims

    1 Vase w/Twigs - Fully sculpted vase with shadow prim as well as a beautiful variety of sculpted wood twigs. Only 8 Prims

    1 Basic Vase - Fully sculpted with shadow prim. This vase is slightly larger than the twig version and is only 2 Prims

    This entire wicker furniture set is Copy/Mod/No Transfer so you can create as many versions and setups as you wish, all while being customized by you

    *Each piece is also available for purchase individually at the Not Too Shanty store in Second Life

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