"The Canberra" - 82 Prim Brick Home/Store - 250L

    Tired of searching endlessly for a unique, simple and cleanly built prefab house or shop that doesn't eat up all your prims? Well, the Canberra style home is only 82 Prims with a carefully crafted, open and inviting design
    The Canberra Prefab Home/Store has the following features:
    -82 Prims
    -Scripted doors
    -Sculpted windows
    -Tile and Hardwood Flooring
    -Dark wood trim on windows and doors
    -Faded planked and wallpaper interior on walls
    -Brick exterior walls
    -Dark wood trimmed interior wall with light coloured wood walls
    -Sculpted Railings
    -Copy/Modify so you can customize it any way you wish
    -Two floors

    -Patio for soaking up the sun or enjoying the outdoors

    Why is this place so cheap you ask?
    Well, I've been in Second Life for 4+ years and am tired of seeing overpriced builds. I like simple, clean place that are not ridiculously gigantic and impossible to fill up with your furniture.
    I know you'll enjoy it
    (*includes just the building, not the trees or land)

    Marketplace listing here
    See this home inworld here